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GoLogin is one of the top antidetect browsers in the market that you can use to manage multiple accounts. Even though it is one of the popular options, it is still not the antidetect browser for everyone. As with others just like Multilogin, it does have its pros and cons. Among some of its downsides is a frequent crash when you try to run too many browser profiles simultaneously.  There are other reasons you might want to make use of a GoLogin alternative.

Whichever is the case, there are many alternatives to GoLogin that you can use for managing multiple accounts with ease. Some of which are better, cheaper, easier to use, or come with a different twist. In this article, I will not bore you with 100 alternatives to confuse you. Instead, I will recommend 5 top GoLogin alternatives each with a discussion on what makes it a good alternative.


Browser Price Number of browser profiles Browser fingerprint spoofing Proxy support Web automation support Team collaboration support Mobile support Free trial
Multilogin Starts at €99/month Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
GoLogin Starts at $19/month Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Android only) Yes
AdsPower Starts at $9/month 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Kameleo Starts at $29/month 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Android only) 7 days
Incogniton Starts at $15/month 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7 days
Ghost Browser Starts at $15/month 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes No 7 days

Multilogin — Best GoLogin Alternative

It is not uncommon for marketers to ask if GoLogin is better than Multilogin. And so far, the answer remains — Multilogin is the better option here. Multilogin is the most mature and stable antidetect browser for multiple accounting. It is the first of its kind for legit businesses to replace real multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. Multilogin is not just the best GoLogin alternative, it is the best antidetect browser. As with GoLogin, Multilogin uses its own custom browsers. However, unlike GoLogin which has just a Chromium-based browser, Multilogin has a browser for Chromium (Mimic browser and Firefox engine (Stealthfox browser).

Multilogin can help you control browser fingerprints by spoofing them. It provides fingerprints for windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Multilogin just like GoLogin does have support for team collaboration since browser profiles are saved in the cloud. It also does have support for web automation by integrating it with Selenium or Puppeteer via its local API. While Multilogin is the best alternative to GoLogin, it is an expensive option as starting price is €99 monthly. If you can’t afford this, you can check out the other 4 alternatives below.


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AdsPower — Best Affordable Working Alternative

GoLogin is cheap. But is an even cheaper alternative that you can derive maximum value for your money and that is AdsPower. The AdsPower app started as a Facebook ads account management software but has now grown into a full-fledged antidetect browser competition against the likes of Multilogin and GoLogin. Interestingly, the pricing can be said to be quite cheaper than both. AdsPower does allow you to create and use up to 2 profiles for free with no support for the advanced features.

However, you are better off using the paid plan that starts from $9 and you can scale up as the pricing system is flexible, allowing you to scale in terms of the number of team members and browser profiles. AdsPower is an easier-to-use option as it forces you to bind an account to a browser profile during creation. AdsPower does have support for bulk profile upload where you are made to provide the login details of your accounts or their associated cookies.

While you can tweak the browser fingerprint, newbies are advised to leave that to AdsPower as the app automatically setup the browser fingerprint for you. AdsPower also does have support for team collaboration and web automation. One feature Adspower has that GoLogin lacks is support for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is just another term for code-free automation. Adspower has got support for RPA for some specific platforms such as Facebook.

Kameleo — Best Mobile Antidetect Browser Alternative

Aside from supporting desktops, GoLogin does have support for an Android app. If you are looking for an alternative to GoLogin that supports the mobile platform, then Kameleo is the only alternative in this regard. As with GoLogin, Kameleo does have support for desktop — only Windows, no support for Mac. In addition, it does have a mobile app. The Kameleo mobile app is available as an Android app and provides you with both mobile browser profiles for both Android and iOS.  Kameleo is better described as a stealth browsing platform that helps you mask your real fingerprint for multi-account purposes.

As with the other antidetect browsers, Kameleo does have support for proxies in other to change the IP addresses for each of the browser profiles. It also does support automation. However, Kameleo stores browser profiles locally unlike GoLogin, and as such, is not an effective solution for team usage. Its pricing can be said to be expensive especially if you need to use mobile profile fingerprints instead of desktop profile fingerprints.


Incogniton — GoLogin Alternative with Free Plan

Another option available to you is the Incogniton antidetect browser. The Incogniton antidetect browser is an alternative to GoLogin if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. However, Incogniton is not only cheap, it does offer you a free plan of up to 10 browser profiles with no advance support. If you are just starting out on your IM journey and can’t afford to pay for GoLogin or any other of its alternatives, then Incogniton is here for you. However, we wouldn’t advise you to stick to the free starter plan.

Opting in as a paid user comes with unrivaled benefits and gives you access to advanced features that makes Incogniton a strong contender in the antidetect market. Incogniton has got support for bulk profile creator which allows you to create multiple browser profiles with just a few clicks. The anti-detection browser does have support for data synchronization. Data synchronization enabled by cloud storage of browser profiles makes it possible for you and your team members to access all browser profiles from all of your devices.

Incogniton has got one of the best support for team collaboration. It also does have support for web automation, cookie generation, and paste as human typing, and smart evasion techniques, among others.


Ghost Browser — Best Multi-Session Browser Alternative

Ghost Browser is another browser for multiple accounting with a twist. It is best described as a multi-session browser with each tab being a different session. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you can have access to a powerful proxy control. This allows you to manage multiple accounts from different countries virtually without being detected. If you are experiencing crashes while using GoLogin, then Ghost Browser is the alternative for you. This is because it only uses a browser instance, unlike GoLogin which launches multiple browsers, which makes it resource-demanding.

With GhostBrowser, you can create multiple identities with its multiple session support. Each browser tab will have its own cookies thereby separating each tab from the others. The team behind this tool knows how messy things can get with too many tabs. For this reason, they made it easy to group tabs in other to fight tab bloats.

Tabs and cookies can either be temporal or permanent depending on your choice. If you have been using Chrome for your activities, switching to Ghost Browser is easy. This is because the browser is based on Chromium and you can import all of your extensions in less than a minute. Ghost Browser is secure and available for Windows and macOS.


FAQs about GoLogin Alternatives

Why Use a GoLogin Alternative?

GoLogin is taunted as the best alternative to Multilogin. With this, one will think there would be no need for an alternative. No doubt, it is one of the top antidetect browsers out there.

However, it is not the solution for all marketers. Some users have experienced account blocks and captchas while using GoLogin. This is an indication that their accounts have been detected as multiple accounts. Others experience crashes due to launching more browser profiles than their PC can handle and need a more efficient alternative.

What is the Best GoLogin Alternative?

The best GoLogin alternative remains Multilogin. This is because it is most mature and stable. Crashes are not common and it works best at controlling and spoofing your browser fingerprint without detection. However, it can be expensive. Other credible alternatives include AdsPower, Incogniton, Kameleo, and Ghost Browser. The most cost-effective solution among the alternatives is AdsPower.

Source: Security Feed

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