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This week we talk about the Capital One breach affecting over 100 million customers and some important takeaway lessons from that case. We also look at news with the the Equifax settlement, a spearphishing campaign targeting ProtonMail users, the conclusion to Marcus Hutchins’ legal woes, and Facebook’s $5 billion fine and new regulation from the FTC, amongst other stories.

Here are timestamps in case you would like to jump around:
1:20 WordCamp Asia & WordCamp US
3:36 Capital One Breach
14:19 Equifax settlement news
18:00 ProtonMail spearphishing
21:08 Marcus Hutchins case
25:01 Facebook fined by FTC
31:27 Ransomware affecting Georgia police car laptops
33:08 Los Angeles police data breach
36:48 Comodo exposed credentials
39:34 Siri recording sensitive moments
44:04 Anonymizing data doesn’t protect privacy

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This week in the news we cover:

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