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Typo 3 Spam Infection

Here at Sucuri most of the malware that we deal with is on CMS platforms like:

  • WordPress,
  • Joomla,
  • Drupal,
  • Magento,
  • and others.

But every now and then we come across something a little different.

Blackhat SEO Infection in Typo3

Just recently, I discovered a website using the Typo3 CMS that had been infected with a blackhat SEO spam infection:

Typo3 CMS

Before I begin, according to, Typo3 is currently the 8th most widely used CMS platform on the web, so I’m surprised I had never seen an infection with this software before, but it looks like over half a million websites on the web use Typo3.

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Source: Security Feed

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