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WP Security Audit Log plugin update

Today we are releasing WP Security Audit Log 3.5.2. This update contains an important patch for better handling of custom post types on multisite networks. In this update we are also introducing new filter hooks which allow you to further customize the plugin’s behaviour.

New filter hooks for plugin users

In this update we have included 3 new filter hooks:

wsal_filter_prevent_deactivation_email_delivery: this filter hook deactivates the email that is automatically sent to the administrator when the plugin is deactivated.

wsal_filter_deactivation_email_delivery_address: this filter hook can be used to change the email address to where the automated email is sent when the plugin is deactivated.

wsal_disable_user_switching_plugin_tracking: WP Security Audit Log keeps a log of changes users do even when switching to another users with the User Switching plugin. You can use this filter hook to disable this and keep a log of the actual user doing the change.

Refer to filter hooks in WP Security Audit Log for a complete list of all the filter hooks the plugin has.

Better support for custom post types on multisite networks

Up until this update, users could not exclude a child site specific custom post type from the activity logs. However, we have rewritten the code that keeps track of registered custom post types on a multisite network. This means that now you can exclude the monitoring of any custom post type from the activity logs, even if it is just available on a child site in the multisite network.

Other noteworthy updates in version 3.5.2

In this update we have also:

  • updated the database queries to better support MySQL 8,
  • fine tuned the WooCommerce activity log sensor to not report non-relevant events when there are coupon changes,
  • added a new setting to toggle the milliseconds in the WordPress activity logs,
  • added wsal_ prefix to all cron jobs (standardization of code & elements),
  • updated the activity log custom events API to only require one sensor on a multisite network.

Update WP Security Audit Log

For a complete list of what is new, improved and fixed in update 3.5.2 refer to the WP Security Audit Log plugin change log. We recommend you to update to 3.5.2 to benefit from the latest features and code.

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